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      1.  Business Insurance


        • Food companies drive the global economy. Chubb’s insurance solutions support their success.
        New! Learn more about Chubb’s Food industry practice

        Industry Highlights

        From the field to the table, when you are in the food industry, there is one key ingredient that cannot be overlooked. Chubb offers a wide range of insurance products and risk management solutions that address many of the critical exposures faced by food companies. Our industry expertise, financial strength, world-class claims service and loss prevention expertise distinguishes us in the industry.

        Manage Risks

        How will you respond if:

        • A fire destroys a warehouse containing your products?
        • Your employee is injured transporting products to the truck?
        • Your boiler breaks down and perishable food stock spoils?

        Coverage Solutions

        An Industry With Unique Pressures

        Food companies are a vital part of the business landscape. This industry needs high-quality insurance solutions to protect against a wide range of risks.